“Polarity Therapy”

Professional Practitioner Training

Associate Polarity Practitioner  APP level-1

With Tree of Life Center

150 classroom hours

Facilitated by Janice Marie Durand

NC LMBT; ABMP Certified Somatic Therapist;

Board Certified Polarity Therapist and Registered Polarity Educator

Instructor Bio

For more info contact Janice at 919 563-4454

for details

2020-2021 Training Dates

10 Month training meets 9am-5:30pm 

on a Friday & Saturday each month

Oct. 16-17;  Nov. 13-14; Dec.11-12;

Jan. 22-23; Feb. 19-20; Mar.19-20;

Apr. 23-24;  May 21-22;  Jun. 25-26; 

July or August

to be decided by the group

Group Supervision #1- Feb.18, 1-5pm

Group Supervision #2- May 20,1-5pm

These training hours can be applied toward American Polarity Therapy Association APTA Associate Polarity Practitioner APP level designation and International Polarity Education Alliance IPEA Energy Principles Practitioner EPP designation.  Tree of Life Center is an APTA approved APP & Registered Polarity Practitioner RPP training program.  All extra hours earned can be applied toward the next RPP level of training.

Program Cost: $3000

Deposit of $350 due with application

Click here for Application and Payment plan.

Payment plan is available spread out over duration of the program

Pre-requisite: Introduction 1 & 2 to Energy Healing

with Tree of Life Center

Program prepares students to apply for an Associate Polarity Practitioner APP designation with The American Polarity Therapy Association APTA and Energy Principles Practitioner EPP Certificate with the International Polarity Education Alliance at the completion of the optional Experiential Practicum (see below)

click here for more detailed information and Educational Essence or this training experience. 

Janice Marie Durand is the founder and director of Tree of Life Center.  Since 1991, TLC has  offered professional development & continuing education for bodyworkers specializing in ‘whole brain experiential learning’ thru energy healing & wellness classes.


  She teaches from a grounded embodiment model that empowers students to align and listen deeply within.  Janice has guided & developed Energy Healing/Polarity Therapy trainings, as well as movement & embodiment practices such as T’ai Chi, Chi Gong, & Gentle Energy Yoga classes for over 20 years now.   She is a Licensed bodywork and massage therapist LMBT in North Carolina incorporating somatic transformational bodywork, mind/body energy alignment & trauma healing in her private practice outside of Hillsborough, NC. Janice is an AMBP Certified Somatic Therapist and is a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner BCPP. Thru the American Polarity Therapy Association APTA, Janice Marie is a Registered Polarity Educator RPE and Approved Training Manager for APP/RPP approved programs.  She is a Polarity Therapy Practitioner PTP & Educator as well as a founding member of the International Polarity Education Alliance. (IPEA)  Janice’s passion and focus is to guide and empower people to become more balanced thru helping them listen to their bodies internal nature and wisdom on physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Included in the tuition cost:

*Total of #21 training days = 150 classroom hours

*2 hours of Phone supervision with Janice

*#2 Group Supervision meetings (4 hrs. each)

*Tree of Life Center’s Energy Healing

  Student Course Manual

Out of Class hours:

25 practice sessions; 5-6 personal polarity sessions for yourself; 2 hrs. of phone supervision with instructor.

Student will finish the program with the potential of 180+ hours

(all remaining hours will go toward APTA RPP hours)

Not included in Tuition cost:

* 5-6 private Energy Healing sessions with approved practitioners (a list of names and contact will be provided)

* Books that you will need to participate:

    - THE POLARITY PROCESS “Energy as a Healing Art”

       by Franklyn Sills

    - ENERGY EXERCISES by Mueller & Chitty


       Optional books:

    -  HUMAN BODY  (DK publishing)

    - Dancing with Yin, Yang  by John Chitty

* Bodywork Table

(Students will need to practice 25 table work sessions outside of class and have access to a bodywork table for practice sessions.  These sessions will help integrate class content outside of class.)

Experiential Practicum & Supervision 

Project Client ‘A’ Experience"

JUNE 2021 - NOV. 2021

45-50 Training hours 

Cost:  $400-480 

$80 will be due for each of the five-six meeting times.

~20-24 hrs. classroom time (5-6x’s for 4 hrs each consecutive month) 

~2 hrs. Phone supervision with Janice

~2 hrs. Peer supervision

+ 15 hrs. (10 consecutive Polarity Therapy sessions with the same designated Project Client A person at your location of practice)

Students can participate in this optional follow-up practicum experience separate from the 150 hour Somatic Energy Healing program.  This process allows for more practical experience, guidance and supervision in order to integrate, deepen and apply what has been learned in the core of the Polarity Therapy Somatice Energy Healing training.  It is appropriate for student’s whose goal it is to further deepen in the application of Polarity Therapy as an evolutionary healing art and for students who want to apply to American Polarity Therapy Association APTA for Associate Polarity Practitioner APP designation and apply to the International Polarity Education Alliance IPEA for Energy Principles Practitioner EPP designation. 

Each student will custom pertinent goals and intentions; areas to grow in and acknowledgement of what skills and gifts they bring to the experience.   Student will be provided with structures and forms such as Intake forms, Session Records and Client feedback form to be utilized during this experience. At our final class, each student will share a 30 minute case history presentation to a group of supportive peers.  As a group we will collaborate on dates and times to meet.

Once this Experiential Practicum with Project Client A is completed, students will receive a final transcript and letter of recommendation that would allow them to apply for both these designations with each of these professional organizations: APTA for APP and IPEA for EPP. 

This total of 45-50 training hours includes Energetic Evaluation, Communication applications, Business principles, Professional Ethics and deepening of this evolutionary healing art.