with Janice Marie Durand,
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Outside Hillsborough
 Alternating Fridays & Thursdays 8:30am - 1:30pm; 
Cost: $90 due each class meeting. 

Health Building Energetic Principles 

   This 4 part series will cover Polarity Therapy health building principles and Energetic Nutrition components of working with food as energy and life style choices that support wellness.  This course will be experiential for the student to explore these approaches for themselves.   Throughout the series, students will choose individualized and appropriate energetic nutrition regimens.

Each student will customize the best approach for them and set appropriate goals and intentions during the series.  We will working multi-dimensionally with these health building principles- energetic, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual realms.    Throughout the series there will be built in support of buddy phone check in and helpful energetic bodywork and self care strategies. 

Some of the topics we will cover will include:

~Acid/alkaline foods and conditions;  

~Food vitality (food fresh vs. Processed);

~Food as medicine;

~Digestive enhancement strategies;

~Psychology of adding vs. taking away;

~Importance of pacing appropriate approaches for each individual;  

~Emotions and food;

~Food as a drug; 

~Dr. Stone’s approach to vegetarianism & healing crisis;

~Pacing with Energetic Nutrition life style changes

~Health building diet; Cleansing diet; Elimination diet;

~Supports to build in while exploring these types of diets;

~Processing skills while exploring these types of diets;

~Experiential observations and sharing;

~Exploring health building & energetic nutrition principles with clients.

 (With in this class class period each person will take on an appropriate nutritional experiential goal for 1-2 weeks...either Health Building cleansing or Elimination diet, and will buddy w/ another peer and during this time exchange bodywork for support.)       



“Experiential Nutrition Series”

Series dates:

Fri. Sept.  6, Thur. Sept. 20;

Fri. Oct. 11 & Thur. Oct. 25, 2019

         For More Info & Registration:

Call 919 563-4454 or email


          ($50 Deposit 2 weeks prior to save your place) 

             Make Checks to: Janice Durand  &  send to :

          4316 Bradford Ridge Rd. Efland, NC 27243)