Experiential Practicum & Supervision:
Project Client Experience

Remote over Zoom
~46 Training hours total;
~ Student will do 10 Polarity sessions with the same person over a 4-5 month period
to go toward RPP Education hrs., BCPP certification hrs. or BCPP CEU's

Over my 30 years of Polarity Therapy teaching & guided supervision,  this "Project Client" experience has proven time and again to be the most fruitful activity to supports student & practitioner to deepen, integrate, and ripen in the Polarity Therapy model more than any other aspect of my trainings.  This experiential process synthesizes and weaves together all of the skills needed to be a proficient and confident Polarity Therapy practioner. Participants will season, stretch and grow their clinical skills under guidance, input, and affirmation from my many years of experience teaching and supervising in Somatic Energy Healing/ Polarity Therapy with the Tree of Life Center in North Carolina. Applying this comprehensive paradigm with tangible client situations are invaluable within a confidential, supportive group container of like minded peers.

Each student/practitioner will:

~Customize pertinent goals and intentions;

~Reflect & acknowledge what skills, gifts and resources they bring to this experience. 

~Identify practitioner areas to grow in.

~After our 1st goup meeting each participant will find a Covid-safe practice client for this experience to do 10 consecutive Polarity Therapy practice sessions during the period of Sept. thru Dec.  (someone who they don't have a lot of dual roles with to support the integrity of this indepth therapeutic process.)

~Complete confidential written summaries of each session & share with facillitator for feedback.

~Initiate one on one zoom/phone supervision with JaniceMarie throughout. (2 hrs total)

~Initiate Peer supervision during this experience. (3 hrs. total)

~Present a final 30 minute case history summary of your Polarity Therapy experience.  The last 2 classes in January will be 3 hrs. long for these presentations.


 (Student will be given samples of possible forms to support this experience with your "project Client" such as: intake, session records, and client feedback forms)  Our class time will cover a variety of pertinent Polarity Therapy topics in an organic fashion as they arise within our group meetings including: Communication & theraputic processing skills, ethics, evaluation skills, practitioner neutral skills and the Polarity Therapy process of tablework protocols, energic tracking & tracing, Pacing of sessions, deepening of  theory, application of resouces for clients such as energy exercises and grounding & centering tools, energetic nutrition etc.


As a group we will collaborate on dates and times to meet.  Apply by August 15th to assure your spot)


Sept. 2021 ~ Jan. 2022

with Janice Marie Durand,

NC LMBT, BCPP & ABMP Certified Somatic Therapist


Location & Time: bi-monthly 2.5 hr Zoom On-line Class. Times will be determined by the group participating.   As a group we will collaborate on dates and times to meet. 

Registration: $85 Deposit due by August 15th to hold your spot.

Open to 10 students.   You will be sent a packet of info to help you structure working with your practice client for the 10 sessions. This will be your 1st payment of the program. 

Cost:  $450 over the 5 months with a montly payment of $90 monthly payments plan each time that we meet.

Our Payment Options
  • VENMO to:
       (add 3.5% for fees)   
  • Mail a check to:
Janice Marie Durand
4316 Bradford Ridge Rd.
Efland, North Carolina  27243



~26 hrs. group meetings (#10 times for 2.5 hours each time for group support, guidance, & supervision-Our final 2 times of meeting will be student case-study presentations and will be 3 hrs. each)   

~2 hrs. one on one Phone or Zoom supervision with JaniceMarie   

~3 hrs. Peer supervision (you will be paired with another student on a similar level as you are to listen & be listened to)

~15 hrs.out of class for your 10 sessions with the same case study project client at your location of practice over several months.


46 Training hours total

(appropriate for students on the RPP educational level or a student working toward their BCPP Certification or someone who is already a BCPP for CEU's to deepen your practice as a Polarity Therapist)