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Breath & Respiratory Diaphragm Enegetics

"Polarity Therapy & the Bellows of Life"



December 6, 2019

with Janice Marie Durand

Outside Hillsborough, NC


9am-5:30pm, 7 CE's

"When the Diaphragm is open the heart can live without fear."  Dr. Randolf Stone, Polarity Therapy Founder


Dr. Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy referred to the Respiratory Diaphragm as the neutral stabilizer of the body.  We will experientially explore the dynamics of the multi-layers of the Breath & Respiratory Mechanism with an emphasis on the Diaphragm, Lungs & Bronchial passageways.  We will delve into both the energetics as well as the anatomy & physiology of these key structures in the body. Develop awareness of these important respiratory structures under your hands. Come away with tangible bodywork tools & energy maps to listen to and bring balance to the Respiratory System. 


Class content will include exploring the role of the Respiratory Diaphragm as:


~The vital link between the Air/Heart chakra & Fire/Solar plexus chakra; 

~The bridge between the conscious & unconscious realms ;

~The Diaphragm's relationship to the viscera & structure of the body;

~The role of stress on this neutral stabilizer of the body;

~The Mind/Body connection of the Breath, Lungs & Diaphragm;

~Experiential table work & polarity relationships to balance and support the Respiratory System;

~Gentle energy-exercises & sound healing to enhance the Breath & Respiratory Diaphragm opening.


This is a highly experiential class that incorporates a whole brain learning approach.  In a grounded fashion, it will enhance awareness tools and practices that invite embodiment on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and support deep listening skills of intuition and cultivation of being

“a neutral witness” in this approach to healing. 

For more info call 919 563-4454 or email 
Cost: $150  ($50 Deposit 2 weeks prior to save your place) 
Make checks out to Janice Durand and send to
4316 Bradford Ridge Rd. Efland, NC 27243
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