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Gentle Energy Yoga Chakra Series 
    8 Class Videos for Purchase
with Janice Marie Durand


Class # 1 - Intro to the Chakras
Class # 2 - Earth Chakra 

Class # 3 - Water Chakra 
Class # 4 - Fire Chakra 
Class # 5  - Air Chakra 
Class #6  - Ether Chakra 
Class # 7 - Upper Chakras 
Class # 8 -  Chakra Integtration

This is a total of 12.5 hours of experiential Mindful Movement practice

Cost: $175 for the series / $25 for individual classes.

To Purchase:

Send an email to Janice Marie at with your name, address, and phone.


Send Payment:

Venmo-  @JaniceMarie-Durand

or Mail check made out to Janice Durand to: 4316 Bradford Ridge Rd. Efland, NC 27243.

These hours can go toward APTA-approved APP & RPP Energy Exercise educational hours.  Please specify when registering so that a transcript can be sent as you complete these hours.

Through the window of the Chakras, we will build health, balance, and vitality while releasing accumulated tension and stress as you practice in your own space with your own pacing!  These video classes guide us thru gentle, dynamic exercises and align our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body for each of the Chakras.  We will devote each class to a Chakra - starting with an Intro to all the Chakras, then Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, combining Ajna & Crown, and completing our final class with an integration of all the Chakras.  There is a natural unfolding of the experience to participate in these classes sequentially #1 thru #8 but they can be experienced in any order that feels most helpful.  I trust you will follow your own rhythm.

To get the most out of this gentle but deep series, it's recommended that you create a mindful space to drop into the experience, free of interruptions.  Let yourself be fully supported to be present as if showing up for an actual class.


There will be a focus on the embodiment of both the orthodox and energetic anatomy including the organs, related body system, and endocrine gland associated with the Chakra.  Each class will support the Chakra being revitalized and restored.  An emphasis will be on listening to our body “as a guide” while exploring our relationship to the chakra system and its’ related elemental energy in the body. 


Class exercises will vary between lying, sitting, and standing in restful poses; gentle slow movement and stretches; and active releasing poses. No prior experience is needed.  Beginners are welcome as well as students who want to work with a deeper energetic subtlety and Mind/Body approach to their movement practices.


Please honor your unique body by listening inside to adapt postures and pace wherever you might need to throughout these classes to stay safe.

A Chakra Summary handout is included and you will have these classes to repeat as many times as you would like with an undisclosed youtube link that will be shared.

"Janice Marie is able to open a palpable energetic field in which her students can experientially learn - through meditations, visual/aural examples, and embodiment exercises. She speaks directly to each student from her heart, imparting individual teachings. Janice Marie’s emphasis for students to be present in their bodies’ and as comfortable and relaxed in their body mechanics as possible is invaluable - teaching her students internal energetic yoga, with great impact." - MM

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