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Student Testimonials:

“The beauty of the work – the sacredness, the depth, the balance, the pure joy – comes to life in Janice Marie, and is clearly evident in the environment she creates and in the fullness of her teaching.” - MQ


“I felt support, freedom to explore & learn, make ‘mistakes’ and excel.” – JG

“Integrating the Polarity Process in my massage practice has enabled me to provide valuable and meaningful alternatives to my clients.” – DC

"Janice Marie embodies the divine feminine as a teacher and as a practitioner. Her style is fluid, yet grounded, and solidly backed by her many years of experience as a dedicated Polarity Therapy practitioner.  She creates a beautiful, powerful and safe learning environment at the Tree of Life Center. As a student in her 9-month program, my study of theory, principles, and technique was exponentially deepened by way of direct personal experience and the opportunities I was offered to track and name these moments of transformation.” – CP

"Janice Marie is able to open a palpable energetic field in which her students can experientially learn - through meditations, visual/aural examples, and embodiment exercises. She speaks directly to each student from her heart, imparting individual teachings. Janice Marie’s emphasis for students to be present in their bodies’ and as comfortable and relaxed in their body mechanics as possible when giving Polarity therapy is invaluable - teaching her students internal energetic yoga, with great impact on their quality of work." - MM

"I’ve been studying consistently with Janice Marie for almost 10 years and suspect I’ll still be learning from her for another 10 years. She is gifted in her ability to invite students into a co-creation of the learning environment while guiding us to deepen our own unique, inner experience of healing. If Janice Marie is teaching, we’re all learning; sometimes even more than we may be aware of." - CH

"As a teacher, Janice Marie honors each of her student’s innate and unique intelligence. She teaches the practitioner skills of deep listening so that we can do the same for ourselves and our clients. She creates an atmosphere of safety and inclusion in her classes that is foundational for allowing students to go deeper into their own soul’s work. As a master teacher and Polarity Therapist, Janice Marie reminds us to keep opening to the wider view of our soul’s journey from source and back again." - LC

"I always felt met where I was able to learn while my growth edges were safely pushed. Janice Marie always seems to understand how her students learn best and she adapts constantly to the needs of both individuals and the classroom. I find that almost 20 years later I still return to what I learned and utilize it with my clients on a regular basis. Her programs are personal and life-impacting for those who are ready and open." - EB

"It is a community, a group, a feeling of friendship, trust, and togetherness that holds within itself more than just a classroom setting.  The sharing, trust, and openness among the group is one that I have never encountered before in a conventional school setting. The Tree of Life Center exceeds in both instruction and embodiment." - DW

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