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Polarity Therapy

Somatic Energy Healing:

Training - Level 1


with Tree of Life Center, an APTA-approved training program facilitated by

Janice Marie Durand


This Foundational Part One Professional 225-hour training will take place LIVE in-person in an outdoor pavilion two - two & a half days per month on Fridays & Saturdays & some Sunday half-days We'll meet online via Zoom 2 1/2 hours per month prior to the upcoming module to be

determinded by the group.


We will have a variety of Covid safe protocols in place due to the close-up nature of our tablework.

" Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter & form."

- Dr. Randolf Stone, Founder of Polarity Therapy

2024 Training Dates


Live in-person training two days per month on Fri. & Sat. plus Wed. eve Online Zoom meetings 6:30-8:45 pm prior to our 2-day module to prepare topic theory, group sharing & supervision. This is required for all students participating in the two-day module. 

~Orientation & Hands-on Practicum

Mon. April 10 -12-5 pm

Creating our Container.

~Module #1 - April 21-22

Topic: Harmonic Zone chart of Projection & Reflection; Advanced Elemental Protocols for Sinus & Ears.

~Module #2 - May 19-20

Topic: Balancing the Central Nervous System thru the paired

relationships of the Cranium & Pelvic Bones

~Module #3 - June 16-17

Topic: Spinal Harmonic Balancing Techniques

~July 15 Extra Day between Modules ~ Sat. Topic: Somatic processing skills, Ethics, Energetic Evaluation & Integration.

~Module #4 -  Aug. 4-5

Topic: Topic: The Mysterious Sacrum - Protocols to balance the

sacrum; Longlines and short and long legs.

~Module #5 - August 25-26

Topic: Craniosacral Breath of Life Introduction with Guest Teacher, Pat Donohue.

~Module #6 - September 22-23

Topic: Endocrine System Balancing

~Module #7 - October 20-21

Advanced Air element protocols & Polarity Therapy Deepening, Integration, & Completion.


~ZOOM Dates corresponding to modules. 6:30- 8:45 pm -

Wed. Apr. 12; Wed. May 10; Wed. Jun.7; Mon. Jul. 24; Mon. Sept. 11; Mon. Oct. 16.


Program Instructor

Janice Marie Durand

Board Certified Polarity Practitioner (BCPP),

Registered Polarity Educator,

NC LMBT Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist,

ABMP Certified Somatic Therapist,

Nationally Certified Continuing Education Provider NCBTMB  # 3129991-00.

Tree of Life Center is an

American Polarity Therapy Association

APTA-approved school.


Training Costs:

Total Cost Track A: $2,475 if paid in full by the first class ($50 discount)

Total Cost:  $2,525 with our payment plan


$75 Application fee sent by Feb. 28th

Upon Acceptance

A $350 deposit is due that will go toward tuition by March. 24th.

See available monthly Payment Plans

Total Cost Track B:

The cost per training day is $175

A $75 Application fee sent by Feb. 28th with the modules you will attend.

The cost per 2-day Module is $350

A $25 deposit is needed for each Module you plan to sign up for due by March 24th which will go toward that class.


See the application for forms of payment that we accept.

Early registration is encouraged.  This course will be open to 8 students.

“The Life Breath has an ebb and flow like

the tides of nature."

  -Dr. Randolph Stone

“For forty years I searched for a principle in the healing arts which would include all forms of therapy and act as a common denominator, an intelligent answer, to all the numerous contradictory theories and claims existing today.”  -Dr. Randolph Stone

This professional Polarity Therapy Advanced Somatic Energy Healing training Part 2 is designed for students who have completed an American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) approved training Associate Polarity Principles APP level of training- part 1. The RPP advanced educational levels are broken into parts 2 & 3.  This program's intention is to support the seasoning and deepening of the student's understanding of this comprehensive healing system of Polarity Therapy. We will go in-depth in learning more sophisticated energy maps, studying systems of the body, and learning to facilitate the polarity therapy process with practice clients therapeutically. 

Practitioner skills continue to be fostered to promote a clear, spacious, and neutral space to listen to the Inherent blueprint of wholeness within practice clients.   We continue to emphasize cultivating physical and energetic ease, alignment, and effortlessness throughout the polarity process. Students deepen their ability to sensitively feel, listen to, and read the energy in a client's system and apply the diverse skills of energetic touch, Gentle Movement energy exercises, Energetics of food and nourishment, and gaining a bigger awareness of a clients alignment with their physical, energetic, emotions and thought.  The student learns to balance their intuition with knowledge and theory of the many layers of this healing system.


Of vital importance in all of our training programs at Tree of Life Center is to create a supportive, inclusive learning environment that fosters personal growth while learning therapeutic skills to support another in their healing journey. Our educational model incorporates a diversity of kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning styles to support students in how they learn best, and students are encouraged to find their unique pace and connect with tangible resources to bring more regulation to their own nervous system throughout the learning journey. Through this program, we work to support students in developing a deeply embodied understanding of Polarity Therapy.

"As long as these elements or energies flow into and through each other, and support each other in function, all is well."           

         -Dr. Randolph Stone


Track A- Included in tuition for students enrolled in the entire Part-2

  • 125 hours Total of classroom training includes:  

    ~#16 days - 106.5 hours of live in-person class time;

    ~#6 - 2 hour & 15-minute online Live Zoom classes- 13.5 hours total.

      (video recording included);

    ~3 hours of one-on-one session supervision, guidance & feedback 

       with the instructor. Students are responsible to schedule this time.

  • Tree of Life Center’s Energy Healing Student Course Manual for each topic; please bring your manual from the Level 1- Somatic Energy Healing program.

  • Written instructor feedback on out-of-class practice sessions handed in.


TRACK B- Included in tuition for pre-approved students enrolled in portions of this program based on what they need to complete toward the RPP level:

  • Total hours per 2-day on-site live module signed up for and 2 hours of live zoom classes the Wed before that goes over theory of the topic. Video recordings are also shared for future reference. 

  • Tree of Life Center’s Energy Healing Student Course Manual for each topic; please bring your manual from the Level 1- Somatic Energy Healing program.

  • Written instructor feedback on out-of-class practice sessions handed in for this module & a proportional time for one-on-one supervision with JaniceMarie.

Requirements Outside of class to complete the program include:

  • 5 Professional Polarity Therapy personal sessions with a BCPP

       (not included in tuition)

  • Track A students will document 22 Polarity Therapy practice sessions given outside of classTrack B students will do 3-4 outside practice sessions per attended module. Sessions are to be written up and ready to be handed in at the following Module attend whether full or part-time. There will be Guidance & Supervision with these outside practice sessions built into most modules. 

  • Home Explorations are assigned such as reading, journaling & experiential exercises.


On the RPP Educational level, students will need to do ten consecutive sessions with the same client 3 different times throughout the total hours. We offer a 40-45 hour Polarity Therapy Project Client group supervision that is separate from this independent of Part 2  & Part 3, twice a year. This separate course is designed to bring multiple levels of support to strengthen and integrate practitioner skills.  Class meets over a 5-month period once a month for 3-4 hours. This seasoning process often overlaps with the last couple of months of RPP levels 2 and 3. The next Project Client Supervision group will Start Aug/Sept overlapping this program.  This can be used for RPP-level education or BCPP supervision hours.


When students fulfill all the completed RPP program requirements for levels 2 & 3, they are ready to apply to the International Polarity Education Alliance (IPEA) for Polarity Principles Practitioner (PTT) recognition and apply to the American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) for their designation of Registered in Polarity Principles (RPP) educational level completion. Those wishing to go on to become Board Certified Polarity Therapist BCPT

The American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA) is our National Organization that sets the Standards for Education, Practice, and Teaching of this holistic modality.  The International Polarity Education Alliance (IPEA) is another membership organization that provides many Polarity Therapy resources to its members.

Students say...                                       

“The beauty of the work – the sacredness, the depth, the balance, the pure joy – comes to life in Janice Marie, and is clearly evident in the environment she creates and in the fullness of her teaching.” - MQ


“I felt support, freedom to explore & learn, make ‘mistakes’ and excel.” – JG

“Integrating the Polarity Process in my massage practice has enabled me to provide valuable and meaningful alternatives to my clients.” – DC

"Janice Marie embodies the divine feminine as a teacher and as a practitioner. Her style is fluid, yet grounded, and solidly backed by her many years of experience as a dedicated Polarity Therapy practitioner.  She creates a beautiful, powerful, and safe learning environment at the Tree of Life Center. As a student in her 9-month program, my study of theory, principles, and technique was exponentially deepened by way of direct personal experience and the opportunities I was offered to track and name these moments of transformation.” – CP

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