Energetics of the

Five and Six Pointed Stars


February 28-29, 2020

with Janice Marie Durand

Outside Hillsborough

Fri & Sat

9am-5:30pm, 14 CE's

Explore & embody this vital endocrine/glandular system from an energetic perspective.  In this training, we will focus on corresponding chakras & related glands, starting with the “sacred marriage" of the pineal & pituitary master glands.  Come deepen your understanding of this significant regulatory system & how it maintains homeostasis & balance in our bodies in conjunction with the nervous system thru the six pointed star pattern.  This experiential class emphasizes supporting health & wellness of this complex glandular system.  We will combine:  energetic & orthodox anatomy;  energetic bodywork;  pertinent life style issues affecting the glandular balance such as environmental & nutritional factors; energy exercises & guided body awareness to support self care.

For more info call 919 563-4454 or email jmdchi@mindspring.com 
Cost: $280  ($50 deposit 2 weeks prior to save your place) 
Make checks out to Janice Durand and send to
4316 Bradford Ridge Rd. Efland, NC 27243

919-563-4454 -  jmdchi@mindspring.com

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