Intro to Energy Healing

"Polarity Therapy"


March 20-21,2020


May 8-9, 2020

with Janice Marie Durand

Outside Hillsborough, NC

Friday & Saturday

9:30am-5:30pm, 14 CE's

Pre-Requisite #1 for Professional Training

Come explore and deepen in Polarity Therapy, a comprehensive energy healing system founded by Dr. Randolf Stone that bridges the mind and body in a holistic way.  This system is steeped in the wisdom of a variety of ancient healing traditions, blending perspectives from both East & West. It works with the main healing tenant of “listening to the inherent wisdom and health expressing in each being.”


The class will cultivate and integrate:


~ Presence & sensing skills; 

~ Grounding & clearing tools;

~ Esoteric energy anatomy & theory;

~ Learning energy maps to enhance mind/body; 

~ Experiential table work & subtle touch to balance the energy field;

~ Gentle energy-exercises to balance the nervous system.


This is a highly experiential class that incorporates a whole brain learning approach.  In a grounded fashion, it will enhance awareness tools and practices that invite embodiment on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and support deep listening skills of intuition and cultivation of being “a neutral witness” in this approach to healing.  We will explore the Energy Map of the East-West Transverse currents that step down to create the parasympathetic nervous system branch that allows for healthy sleep, digestion, healing and integration.  

For more info call 919 563-4454 or email 
Cost: $280  ($50 Deposit 2 weeks prior to save your place) 
Make checks out to Janice Durand and send to
4316 Bradford Ridge Rd. Efland, NC 27243

                             *Past Intro - August 9-10, 2019

                                                     Jan. 31- Feb.1, 2020

"It is a community, a group, a feeling of friendship, trust, and togetherness that holds within itself more than just a classroom setting.  The sharing, trust, and openness among the group is one that I have never encountered before in a conventional school setting. The Tree of Life Center exceeds in both instruction and embodiment." - DW

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