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"Do you have the patience to wait for your mud to Settle? - The Tao Te Ching

Monthly Monday

Meditation Gathering

on-line Zoom Class


April 26th, 2021

6:45-8:15 pm EST

with Janice Marie Durand

(Past 2020 Dates: Aug. 20; Sept. 10; Oct 5; Nov. 9; Dec. 7; Past 2021 Dates: Jan. 4; Feb. 1; Mar. 1. )

To register email JaniceMarie at to get a

zoom link for our meditation.


Cost: $15-25 for each class

Our Payment Options
  • VENMO to:
       (add 3% for fees)   
  • Mail a check to:
        Janice Marie Durand
        4316 Bradford Ridge Rd.
        Efland, NC 27243

Quiet the mind and ground the body through this Monthly experiential Meditation Exploration group open to anyone who wants to join.  We will begin with a breathing meditation then do warm-up exercises and Chi Gong moving meditation practices.  There will be a theme and inspirational reading and we will complete with a 20 min. sitting or lying down meditation.   Discover and practice tools that bring ease and centering through breath, body awareness, and observation of mind and emotions within a supportive community.


JaniceMarie will guide this experience by holding a sensitive, compassionate space that invites a deepening and quieting of ‘self’ and a slowing down of life’s busy pace. Come away with a calmer

and more peaceful sense of wellbeing and tools to bring into your everyday life.

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