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Live Webinar 5 week series
Swimming Dragon
Qi Gong
"Tools to Center, Calm & Energize"
Guided by Janice Marie Durand

Class Location: Zoom Live Webinar 


Cost: $100 for the series. To register email Janice Marie with contact info & send a $50 deposit to hold your space. (no one will be turned away for lack of funds)

Our Payment Options
  • VENMO to
      Janice Marie Durand 
      4316 Bradford Ridge Rd.
      Efland, NC  27243

For more Info call 919 265-7417


March 10 - April 7, 2022

5 week class series meets
Thursday eves
7-8:30 pm


"Swallow the Chi of Heaven,

Receive the Earth's strength;

Longevity thru softness"

     - Cheng Man Ching

This ancient Taoist stretch and flow energy exercise is a short meditation in motion that opens the spine and circulates the internal life force Chi/Qi.  This simple QiGong form dances back & forth crossing the midline and circling the three main energy centers. These three elixir fields are also referred to as the three Treasures of Earth, Heart/Mind, & Heaven.


This Swimming Dragon Flow has many benefits:

  • Clears & cleanses stagnant energy in the body.

  • Brings strength & flexibility to the Spine with its full body spiral, twisting style.

  • Nourishes & moves the Spinal Fluid that carries the inherent blueprint of health.

  • Boosts the Endocrine & Immune Systems

  • Increases Digestion

  • Balances & deeply relaxes the Nervous System & stimulates the Brain. 

  • Builds Chi/Qi energy in the body.


Janice Marie will guide this experience by holding a grounded and compassionate space that invites both a calming & quieting and energizing & strengthening.  Come away with many tangible tools to manage stress and invite in a fuller sense of wellbeing with a like-minded community in the comfort of your own home.

"I am just finishing up a QiGong online course with Janice Marie Durand.  I would never have imagined that this course could happen online, and all of us reported feeling really comfortable with the form thru the class sessions.  This is a wonderful resource in our community. The movement meditation helps to bring a wonderful quality of relaxation and openness that is so relieving and balancing, particularly at this time we are moving through.  The form is based in the five element theory, which informs much acupuncture practice.  As you are doing the form, you are actually giving yourself an acupuncture treatment."  IL

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