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Spinal Energetics-Part 1
LIVE Class

Thanks for being vaccinated due to the close-up nature of our table-work


March 5, 2022

with Janice Marie Durand

Saturday, 9:30 am - 5:30 pm


7 hours toward:


APTA APP/RPP Training hours or BCPP hrs. or CEU's

Pre-requisite - Intro to Polarity Therapy & priority will be given to those enrolled as students with Tree of Life Center.

          “The Meeting of Heaven & Earth”

Come explore the multi-layers of the Spine and the importance of spinal balancing using various energy maps and techniques.  This class will allow for lots of hands-on, experiential exercises, and table-work each morning and afternoon. Give and receive sessions while gaining new tools for the Spine to integrate into your practice.

Dr. Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy, referred to the spine & central nervous system as the “Tree of Life.”  Like a tree, it is built to be strong, flexible & yielding to weather—life’s challenges.  When the spine is balanced from the sacrum to the head, Heaven & Earth meet.  The spine is the central pillar of the body & the major seat of our nerve structure.  As such it manifests many of our emotional, psychological, physical & spiritual balances and also our stresses.

Our focus will be learning:  

  • Spinal Anatomy & landmarks to experientially identify & palpate vertebrae; 

  • Spinal Energy Theory;

  • Energy Exercises for the Spine;

  • Spinal Dermatone maps;

  • Common organ nerve innervation maps.

  • Experiential Energy techniques to balance the spine will include: Spinal Clearing Treatments; Vertebrae/Chakra correlations; Spinal Reflexology maps.

For more info call 919 265-7417 or email 
Cost: $150  ($75 deposit to register) 
Our Payment Options
  • VENMO to
        Janice Marie Durand
        4316 Bradford Ridge Rd.
        Efland, NC 27243
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